How patients participate

It's up to you to decide how much (or how little) you would like your patients to engage in measuring their own progress through therapy. You decide whether you would like patients to only complete assessments during session, or if you would like them to be able to receive assessments remotely and see their own results. 

Therapists (or admins) decide whether to invite patients to create their own accounts, and patients can therefore have one of three statuses:

  1. No Account
  2. Account Pending
  3. Account Complete

There is no right or wrong decision on whether to invite a patient to create an account, and the approach is different for every patient. Some factors to consider when deciding whether or not to invite the patient to create an account, include:

  • comfort level with technology
  • access to internet
  • whether it is clinically appropriate
  • whether the patient is interested in engaging outside of session time

No Account

  • Status: No invitation has been sent by therapist or admin.
  • Tag Name: No Account
  • Assessment Completion: During session only.
  • Independent Account to View Results: No.
  • Next Steps: A patient can be invited to create an account at any time by their therapist or Admin.

Account Pending

  • Status: An invitation has been sent to the patient but has not yet been accepted.
  • Tag Name: Account Pending
  • Assessment Completion: During session only.
  • Independent Account to View Results: No.
  • Next Steps: When the patient accepts their invitation to join, their status will automatically change to Account Complete.

Account Complete

  • Status: The patient has accepted their invitation and created their account.
  • Tag Name: Account Complete.
  • Assessment Completion: During session or completed remotely via email or text message.
  • Independent Account to View Results: Yes.

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