Which assessments are available on the platform?

All assessments on the Greenspace platform have been psychometrically tested and selected based on having strong psychometric properties and being reasonably brief and easy to complete.  Assessments have been organized into four categories:

  1. Clinical Symptoms refers to validated assessments that are available from a range of clinical areas to track clinical symptoms.
  2. Addictions refers to validated assessments that are available to track Alcohol and Drug use.
  3. Functioning refers to assessments that measure patient functionality in key areas for an overall picture of their quality of life.  
  4. Therapeutic Alliance refers to the validated Brief Revised Working Alliance Inventory.  Research suggests that the strength of the relationship is the most important indicator of success.

For more information on any assessment included on the platform, see the Assessment Guide

If there is an assessment that you would like to see included, please contact us. We are always looking to improve our offering, and we work closely with therapists to determine which assessments or clinical areas are important to incorporate.

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