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Greenspace Practical Assessment (GS-Practical)

Frequency: Twice per week
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Greenspace has developed the GS-Practical Assessment, which allows therapists and patients to track key functioning and quality of life metrics. This assessment measures patient progress in the following areas: (a) Mood; (b) Physical Activity; (c) Sleep; (d) Social Interaction; and (e) Productivity. The Practical Assessment is delivered twice per week and each delivery consists of 4-5 questions. Given the frequency of this assessment (twice per week), this change in form was developed to increase adherence by patients. There are 8 different forms of assessment that are delivered.

Psychometric Properties

This assessment was developed by Greenspace Mental Health and is in the process of being validated through a research study.

The Scale

The following forms of the Practical Assessment ask about patient functioning and quality of life metrics using different questions and answer keys.

GS-Practical 1

GS-Practical 2

GS-Practical 3

GS-Practical 4

GS-Practical 5

GS-Practical 6

GS-Practical 7

GS-Practical 8

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The Practical Assessment responses are scored onto a 0 to 10 scale. Therapists are encouraged to track the progress of the Practical Assessment in comparison to patient progress on clinical assessments.

Copyright Information

Users who wish to use the Practical Assessment in any form other than on the Greenspace platform require Greenspace’s written consent to do so.

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