Design Your Onboarding Process

There is no one correct way to integrate the Greenspace platform into your clinical workflow. However, we find it is helpful to learn from some of the common methods that are being used by therapists already using Greenspace. Feel free to use one of the examples below, or modify one and make it your own. 

Patient Onboarding

How are you first going to introduce patients to the Greenspace platform? How are they going to complete their baseline assessments?

Option 1: An administrator introduces Greenspace to patients.

Option 2: An administrator creates the Patient Profile, but the Therapist introduces Greenspace in the first session.

Option 3: Therapist creates the Patient Profile and completes the first assessment(s) in session.

Subsequent Sessions

After their first session, how are patients going to regularly complete their assessments? This can differ depending on the patient.

Option 1: Patients complete automated assessments at home (or anywhere other than their therapist's office)

Option 2: Patients complete assessments in the waiting room before each session.

Option 3: Patients complete assessments during a session with the therapist.

Option 4: Patients complete assessments after a session with the therapist.

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