The Benefits of Using Tags

Tags are an easy way to group and categorize patients to gain insights and better understand the outcomes being generated across your clinic. Once you have implemented tags and they are being used by therapists and admins when creating new patients, there are two primary places where tags will dramatically improve the insights you are able to draw from the platform.

Statistics page

Use tags on your Statistics page to filter and narrow the data presented in the symptom improvement graph. This allows you to compare treatment outcomes between programs, modalities, diagnoses and any other category of tags created. The information displayed will change depending on the tags that are selected.

Step 1: Navigate to your Statistics page.  

Step 2: Select the tag(s) you would like to filter by. This will only include data for patients that have ALL of the selected tags.

Patient List

Use tags on your Patient List to filter and narrow the types of patients presented in the list.

  • Select the tag(s) you would like to filter patients by. 
  • The list of patients presented will only include patients with the tags selected in the filter.

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