Customize the Patient Profile Form

When you invite a patient to create an account, they will be prompted to complete the Patient Profile Form. You can view and customize your Patient Profile Form from your account settings. This article shows you how to do this and the resulting impact on your patients.

Note that if you are part of a clinic that uses Greenspace, the Patient Profile Form will be set by your Clinic administrator(s).

Accessing your Patient Profile

Your Patient Profile is located within your account settings. 

Step 1: Select Settings on the drop-down menu below your name.  
Step 2: Select the Patient Profile tab.

From the Patient Profile page you can:

  1. Preview the Patient Profile Form
  2. Modify questions
  3. Create a new section
  4. Delete a section

Preview the Patient Profile Form

To see the form your patient will be presented when signing up, click on the  Preview button.

A new window will open and display a preview of the Patient Profile Form.

Modify questions

Step 1: Select Edit Section. 

  • You can edit any of the sections in the template.
  • Note: Modifying existing questions will only affect existing response data if the question type is changed. For example, changing a question from Yes/No to multiple-choice will delete any responses from patients that were previously provided to that question.

Step 2: You can modify the questions in several ways. 

  • Change the type of question asked:

  • Edit the answer choices to an existing question:

The Patient Profile can also be modified in several other ways, including:

  • Setting each question's visibility - whether patients can view and edit a question, or are required to answer a question.
  • Adding a hint or example to a question, giving users more context as to what information should be included in response to a question.
  • Adding a new question.
  • Reordering or deleting a question
  • Moving the entire section to a different location in the Patient Profile.

Step 3: Once you've made your edits to a section, click Save.

Create a new section

Step 1: Select Create a new section at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Give your new section a name and begin adding questions. Once you're done click Save.

Delete a Section

Click Delete Section. A pop-up window will appear on your screen to confirm the deletion.

  • Note that if you delete an existing section, all response data from existing clients will be deleted.

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