What To Do When Treatment Has Been Completed

When you complete treatment with a patient, we recommend that you archive the patient. Archiving automatically stops all assessments and removes the patient from your main Patient List, but retains access to the patient's information for future reference.

There are two ways to archive a patient:

  1. From the Patient List 
  2. From the patient's Manage tab

Note: If the patient is shared among multiple providers, archiving a patient will mark the patient as archived for all providers with access to the patient’s records.

From the Patient List

Select Archive Patient

From the Manage tab

Select Archive Patient

Effect of Archiving a Patient

When a patient is archived, two things happen:

1. All assigned assessments are stopped and removed. This means that assessments will no longer be sent to the patient, however past results are still accessible.

2. The patient will be removed from the Patient List. To view archived patients, you can filter by the Archived tag.

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