Saving and Printing Results and Notes

When you are finished working with a patient, you may want to save their record in another electronic storage system or paper file.

Printing and saving results

You can print or save your patients' visual results display by selecting Print or Save on the Results display. This will print or save all assigned assessments.

To save the raw assessment data, select View all data and the underlying assessment data will automatically be downloaded.

Printing and saving notes

You can print or save progress notes individually, or multiples at a time.

Individual Notes

Step 1: Select the note you would like to print (example: Session Note, March 19, 2019)

Step 2: Select the Print or Save icon on the top right of the page.

Multiple Notes

Step 1: Using the filters, ensure the notes you would like to print or save are in your current Note Summary view.

Step 2: Select the Print or Save on the top right of the page.

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