Unarchiving Patients

After archiving a patient, therapists and admins can restore the patient to active status. This may be because the patient returned to treatment or for any other reason. There are two ways to unarchive a patient:

  1. From the Patient List
  2. From the patient's Manage tab

From the Patient List

Select  Unarchive Patient from the drop-down menu:

From the Manage tab

On the bottom of the patient’s Manage tab, select  Unarchive Patient.

Effects of unarchiving a patient

  • The patient will reappear on the main Patient List.
  • The Archived tag will be removed from the patient's list of tags
  • Assessments will not be automatically re-assigned to the patient. The therapist or admin will have to select the assessments they would like the patient to receive and complete.
  • No notification will be sent to the patient.

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