Frequently asked questions

Which assessments are available on the platform?

Below you can view the assessments available on the Greenspace platform:

How did you decide which assessments to make available?

The assessments that are available on our platform are selected with the assistance of our clinical advisors and therapists who use the platform. The three primary considerations are:

  1. Psychometric Properties
  2. Assessment length
  3. Licensing availability

How often do you add new assessments?

We evaluate the need for new assessments regularly and will continue to add new assessments to the platform.

What if the assessment I need isn't available?

If the assessment you need isn't part of the platform, you can submit a request to be considered when regularly adding new assessments to the platform.

If you are part of a Clinic you can request a custom assessment to be created and made available to your organization. Note that there is a cost to the create a custom assessment.

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