Adding New Patients

If you are an individual therapist there are two ways that you can add new patients to the platform to be able to begin measuring progress with them:

  1. Add Patient form
  2. Unique sign up link

Add Patient form 

We recommend using the Add Patient form as the primary way to add new patients to the platform.

Step 1: From your Patient List or header, select + Add Patient 
Step 2: Determine whether you will be creating an account for an Adult or Child/Adolescent.
Step 3: Enter the patient's name or unique identifier.
Step 4A: If you would like the patient to create their account, select Invite Patient.
  • Inviting the patient to create their own account is optional. Consider whether having the patient create their own account is clinically appropriate.
  • Having the patient create an account, allows:
    • Assessment delivery to be automated according to the frequency you set.
    • Patients to complete assessments outside of session time.
    • Patients to sign in and see their progress.

Step 4B: Choose your invitation delivery method by selecting either By Email or By Text. Once selected, enter the corresponding information into the text box

  • When sending an invitation by email you can preview the invitation your patient will receive by selecting Preview Email Invitation. Click here for complete details on how to change the content of your email invitations.

Step 5: Identify whether this is a start of line for treatment.

  • Greenspace defines a "start line" where the patient has received less than three treatment sessions focused on the area in question.
  • Whether you select Yes or No to this question does not affect the experience when measuring progress with the patient. It is simply used to better organize your outcome data for your analysis.

Step 6: Add any tags that are relevant for the patient. Note that tags can be added or modified at any time.

Step 7: Select the relevant assessments for the patient. 

  • You can select any number of assessments from each of the four categories.
  • The drop menu shows whether you are viewing Adult or Child Assessments. To switch between viewing adult and child assessment use the dropdown menu by selecting Adult Assessments then Child Assessments.

Step 7B: Edit delivery settings.

  • You can edit the frequency and delivery limit by clicking Edit
  • The frequency of an assessment determines how often the assessment will be delivered to the patient. The frequency can be changed at any time.
  • The limit of an assessment is how many times you would have the assessment delivered to your patient. By default, assessments have No limit. When an assessment has reached its delivery limit, the assessment frequency is set to manual and no more deliveries will be sent.
  • To save changes made to frequency or limit click Done.

Step 8: Select whether you would like to complete baseline assessments for the patient. 

  • If Yes, The patient will be added to your Patient List, and in the next step, you can decide how the selected assessments will be delivered.
  • If No, the patient will be added to your Patient List and the selected assessments may be completed at a later time.

Click here for more information about baseline assessments. 

Step 9: Select Create Patient. 

End Result: Patient is added to your Patient List.

Unique sign-up link

The unique sign-up link allows patients to sign up for Greenspace independently and automatically be connected to your account. You automatically have your own custom link that you can share on your website or with your patients directly. 

Step 1: In your Settingsnavigate to the Preferences tab.

Step 2: Copy your unique sign up link

Step 3: When your patients use the unique sign-up link to create an account, they will automatically be connected to your account and you will receive immediate notification.

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