Platform accessibility

Greenspace prides itself on making the platform available and useful for all individuals, including people with disabilities. To ensure that the Greenspace Platform is usable by everyone, Greenspace has implemented a number of varied measures and accommodations. This article sets out a summary of these measures.


  • The Greenspace Platform can be used on any modern browser and can be accessed on any type of device (ie. phone, tablet or computer). This means that patients do not require access to a specific type of electronic device in order to participate.
  • While many patients are very comfortable completing assessments digitally, there are some who may prefer to complete a paper based assessment. For this reason, all assessments are available to therapists in printable form that can be used with their patients during session.
  • The Greenspace Platform gives patients the opportunity to complete assessments outside of session time and to engage with their own results. However, the platform is flexible to accommodate situations where the therapist needs to help the patient complete assessments during session with the patient. This can be done on a one-off basis or as the regular mode of participation for a patient.

Completing assessments

  • When completing an assessment, there are clear instructions presented to the patient on what to do. Instructions are presented clearly and do not rely on sound.
  • Where images or pictures are included in an assessment, there is always a text alternative available.
  • Assessments do not use video or audio to communicate questions or answer options to patients.
  • Clinics have the option to add audio or video to assessments to help facilitate participation for patients.
  • Patients can complete assessments using a keyboard only and do not require use of a mouse.
  • There is no time limit imposed when a patient is completing an assessment.
  • If a patient misses or forgets to complete an assessment, a therapist or admin can re-send assessments at any time.

The website and platform

  • The content presented on the platform is structured logically and clearly. This includes:
    • Clear page titles.
    • Content organized by subheadings.
    • Clear labels on forms.
    • Headings marked with HTML header tags.
    • Correct HTML for all structural elements.
  • The content on the Greenspace Platform is set out in a meaningful sequence, where the information is presented in a meaningful order. In addition, content is separated from navigation menus.
  • Any video and audio content does not play automatically.
  • The platform does not rely on colour alone to communicate instructions or meaning to users.
  • Users can navigate the website using the keyboard only, including forms, and is navigable in a sequential order.
  • There is no time limit when creating an account or accessing any page.
  • There is no flashing, blinking or moving content presented to users.
  • The purpose of all hyperlinks are clear from the text description used in the hyperlink.
  • No elements change automatically by receiving the user’s focus. All actions require an input from the user, including no automatic submission of forms or progression to the next field in a form.
  • If a user makes a mistake (like when completing a form), there is clear error identification presented to the user. Error explanations are presented in context next to the error with clear instructions on what to do.

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