Multiple User Profiles

You can create and access multiple profiles with the same email address. This article summarizes how to create additional Therapist, Clinic Admin, and Client accounts.





Navigate to Settings by selecting your name on the top right corner. Select Preferences

Scroll down to Other Preferences and select Add Profile. Clicking on Add Profile will prompt you to create a second Therapist profile. Select one of three options to add a profile. 

Therapist Profile (Independent): 

This will create an additional Independent Therapist account. You will automatically be prompted to enter in your registration details and complete the regular Therapist sign-up flow. 

Therapist Profile (Associated with Clinic): 

To create a Clinic Therapist profile, you will need the clinic's unique sign-up link.

Admin Profile (Associated with Clinic): 

You will need an Admin from a clinic to send you an invitation.

Therapists can add a clinic Admin profile by accepting an invitation sent from another clinic Admin. You can provide the clinic with the same email associated with your therapist account. There is no longer a restriction if the email address is already in use.

Upon clicking on Create Account in the invitation, you will be prompted to sign in to accept the clinic Admin invitation. Once accepted, please fill out the account information to finish creating the clinic admin account. 


Therapists can send more than one account invitation to the same client's email address. This is especially helpful when a parent has their own account and/or multiple children also using the platform. 

Step 1: From your Patient List, select + Add Patient 

Step 2: Select Child Account

Step 3: Enter the child patient's name or unique identifier.

Step 4: If you would like to invite the child patient to create their own account, you can enter in the parent's email address that was used to create prior children or parent accounts. 

  • Inviting the patient to create their own account is optional. Consider whether having the patient create their own account is clinically appropriate.
  • Having the patient create an account, allows:
    • Assessment delivery to be automated according to the frequency you set.
    • Patients to complete assessments outside of session time.
    • Patients to sign in and see their own progress.

To switch between your various profiles, navigate to your name on the top right corner and select the profile you would like to access. Any additional accounts added will automatically have default settings and are unique from your other accounts.

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