How to Use the Platform During Session and Protect Patient Confidentiality

We strongly encourage using the platform with patients during sessions. Doing so allows therapists to review results with patients, complete assessments and record session notes. However, it is important to ensure that patients do not accidentally access or view information about other patients. To ensure that no patient information is inadvertently shared, 'Private Mode' allows therapists to hide all patient information on their Patient List.

How to enable 'Private Mode' 

To hide all patient information on your Patient List, toggle Private Mode to the On position.

Viewing a patient while in Private Mode

Once Private Mode is enabled, no patients will appear on your Patient List. To find a patient, enter their name or Patient ID into the search bar.

When you press enter, only that patient will appear in the Patient List and you can manage that patient as you would normally.

Does Private Mode stay on between sessions?

Private Mode stays in effect until you turn the Private Mode toggle to the Off position. This means that you can navigate to any other page or sign out of your account, and the next time you come back to your Patient List, no patient information will appear.

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