Adding Child Patient and Participants

Child or adolescent patients can be invited to create their own accounts. This allows them to complete assessments remotely, have assigned assessments sent directly to their email address, and view their own assessment results.

Step 1: From your Patient List, select + Add Patient 
Step 2: Select Child Account
Step 3: Enter the child patient's preferred name or unique identifier
  • The name entered in the Preferred Child Patient Name* field will be auto-populated in the Child Participant name field

Step 4: If you would like the child patient to create their own account, toggle Invite participants to create accounts to Yes

Inviting the patient to create their own account is optional. Consider whether having the patient create their own account is clinically appropriate. 
  Note: At least one parent with a valid email is required to create a child user account.
  • Having the patient or participant create an account, allows:
    • Assessment delivery to be automated according to the frequency you set.
    • Patient/Participant to complete assessments outside of session time.
    • Patient/Participant to sign in and see their own progress and any other participants' responses.

Step 5: Add participants (parent, guardian, teacher etc.)

  • You can add up to 3 participants involved in the child patient's treatment to join Greenspace
    • Select the + next to a Participant row to add participant
  • Enter their name and select the Participant type (parent, teacher, or other) 
  • If you would like to invite the participant to create their own account, enter their email address
    • At least one parent with a valid email is required to create a child user account
    • Parent participants are required to accept their invitation first and accept any Terms of Service before the child or additional participants can accept their invitation (if invited)
    • Any assessments assigned to the child will be sent to the parent participant until the child patient has been invited to create an account

Step 6: Add any tags that are relevant for the child patient. This can be added or modified at any time.

Step 7: Select the relevant assessments for the child and any participants

  • You can select any number of assessments to assign to each participant
  • Selecting the checkbox next to an assessment name will assign the assessment to all applicable participants
    • For example, selecting the Child ADHD assessment will assign the test to the child participant, any parent participants, and the therapist.
    • To not assign the assessment to a specific participant, uncheck the checkbox next to the participant's name
  • If you are inviting the patient/participant(s) to create their own account, you will be able to select the frequency that each selected assessment will be delivered to them.
  • If you would like to assign an adult assessment to your child patient, select Child Assessments to open the drop down menu then select Adult Assessments and select which adult assessment you’d like to assign.

Step 8: Create Patient

  • All participants with an email address will receive an invite to create their own account

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