Visibility Permissions

Visibility permissions is a feature available for child patient accounts with participants (parent, guardian, or teacher etc.) invited to join Greenspace. Therapists can specify which participants have access to view which assessment results. For each individual participant, you can provide access to their personal, personal and child, all, or no assessment results. This article provides a step by step walkthrough on the visibility options. 

Step 1: Manage tab > Participants

  • Head to the Manage tab of the child patient
  • Scroll down to the Participants card
  • All participants added now appear under the Participants card

Step 2: Select Visibility

  • You can select the Visibility type for each individual participant by clicking on the more option to access the edit functionality to update participant

Once a participant accepts the invite and is signed into their Greenspace account, they will see the assessment results as specified by the Visibility permission set by the child's therapist.

Types of Visibility

Child Participant Parent/Teacher/Other Participant
Personal Child can only see their own assessments responses Participant can only see their own responses
Personal and Child N/A Participant can see both the child's and their own assessment responses
All Child can see their own responses and all other participant assessment responses Participant can see child and all other participant assessment responses
None No assessment responses can viewed No assessment responses can be viewed

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