Finding the Patient/Participant ID

If you ever have any issues with a particular patient or a patient is having trouble – please provide our support team with the Patient ID or Participant ID. This allows us to troubleshoot the issue without having to identify the patient in question.
This article shows how to find the Patient/Participant ID. 
Step 1: From the Patient List,  select the patient's  Manage page

Step 2: Navigate to the Profile tab of your patient, and you should see the Patient ID. To copy the ID, click on the green icon next to the alphanumeric ID.

Child Account with Multiple Participants

In a Child account, therapists can invite up to 3 additional participants to join Greenspace. This can be a parent or guardian, teacher, or any other participant that is necessary for the child's treatment progress. 
  • Each participant will have their own Patient/Participant ID

Step 1: From the Patient List, select the child patient's Manage page

Step 2: Navigate to Profile, and select the Patient/Participant ID(s) dropdown. Here, you will see all the IDs for each respective participant. Select the green icon next to each ID to copy it.

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