Sharing Patients Between Providers

Greenspace allows multiple providers to have access to a single patient’s record. Using this feature, therapists can work collaboratively, with each having visibility into the patient's full record, including assessment results, progress notes and other key information. 

Step 1: Select Patients in the header.

Step 2: Select the three dots, then Manage Providers for the specific patient.

Step 3: Enter the name or email of the therapist(s) you would like to share the patient with.

Share progress notes with shared providers?

  • This answer determines whether the patient's progress notes will be shared among all therapists who have access to the patient.
  • If Yes, assigned therapists will be able to see their own progress notes and any notes created by other assigned therapists.
  • If No, assigned therapists will only be able to see their own progress notes.
  • Once a patient has been shared among providers, the answer to this question cannot be modified.

Important notes:

  • You can only share a patient's profile with therapists from the same organization.
  • You must acknowledge that you have received the patient's consent to share their account with the selected therapist(s).
  • When a patient's profile is shared with a new therapist, both the therapist and the patient will receive a notification communicating the change.

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