Evidence based assessments

Evidence based assessments are mental health measures that have been psychometrically tested for reliability, validity and sensitivity. Greenspace allows therapists to select from a list of evidence based assessments across a range of clinical areas (ie. depression, anxiety, distress) based on what is appropriate for each specific patient. The assessments available on the Greenspace platform have been selected based on (i) having strong psychometric properties; and (ii) being reasonably brief and easy for patients to complete

Copyright Information

Each of the assessments available on the Greenspace platform are subject to copyright and use restrictions. Greenspace does not grant any license (whether express or implied) to use any of the assessments other than electronically through the Greenspace platform. Users who wish to use any of the validated assessments listed below require consent from the rights holder(s), as applicable.


All information contained in this help centre was derived from materials developed by the creators and/or licensors of the applicable validated assessment. The information provided herein is not exhaustive. Nothing herein shall be construed as a treatment recommendation by Greenspace.

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