Creating and Using Tags

What are Tags?

Tags help clinics categorize patients into different groups. The owner of the Clinic Account is responsible for creating a single set of tags to be used by all associated therapists and admins. Therapists cannot modify tags or create their own and will have access to the tags created by the Clinic Account.

There is no limit on what you can use tags for, but some common categories include: 

  • Location - New York, Chicago, Los Angeles
  • Type of Therapy CBT, DBT, Mindfulness
  • Diagnosis OCD, Panic, PTSD
  • Program - 12 Week Program, 6 Week Program
  • Patient Type - Individual, Couples, Child, Family

Note that there are several permanent tags, signified by the dashed underline, that cannot be edited or deleted:

Creating and managing tags

Step 1: Select Settings under your name.Step 2: Select the Preferences tab.Step 3: Select Edit on the top bar of the Tags section.

Creating tags

Enter the name of the tag you would like to create in the text box and press Create. The tag will automatically be created and assigned a colour.

Deleting and editing tags

1. Deleting Tags - Select Delete Tag next to the tag to permanently delete the tag. Note that once you delete a tag, it will also be removed from all patients that it was previously assigned to.2. Editing Tags - Select Edit Tag next to the tag you would like to edit. In the modal window that opens you can change the name of the tag and select Save to confirm the changes made. Changes will be applied to all patients that have that tag assigned to them.

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