How Patients Can Regularly Complete Assessments

Assessments can be completed by patients in several different ways. This flexibility allows you to use Greenspace in the way that best fits your practice and your patients! 
Two main ways allow patients to regularly complete assessments:


Once a patient account has been created, they can begin completing assessments at any time. Navigate to the patient's Manage tab, and select the Complete Now button next to the patient's assigned assessments.

You will then be able to select from one of three completion methods:

  1. This Device - The selected assessments will appear on your screen for completion. You can also select whether or not you want to be signed out of your account.
  2. Email/SMS - The selected assessments will be sent directly to the patient by email or text message.
    1. This is dependent on which method the patient has selected upon signup. 
    2. Email/SMS will allow work for patients that have an email registered to their Greenspace account.
  3. Kiosk - The selected assessments will be made available for completion on a separate tablet or device. Clicking this option will prompt a 4 digit code for the patient to enter in the kiosk to complete their assessment(s).

Automated delivery

Standard Automated Delivery

If the patient has created an account and you have set a frequency for assigned assessments, the patient will automatically receive their assessments by email or text message (depending on what the patient selected on sign up) according to an automated assessment delivery schedule.

Custom Automated Delivery

Now you can set custom schedules for delivering assessments. Select the day or time that works best for you and your patients, and all assessments will be delivered in one email or text on your selected time and day. 

The Manage tab shows the frequency of each assessment and the next scheduled delivery date.

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