The Greenspace Practical Assessment

Greenspace has developed the GS-Practical Assessment, which allows therapists and patients to track key functioning and quality of life metrics. This assessment measures patient progress in the following areas: (a) Mood; (b) Physical Activity; (c) Sleep; (d) Social Interaction; and (e) Productivity. The Practical Assessment is delivered twice per week and each delivery consists of 5-6 questions. Given the frequency of this assessment (twice per week), this change in form was developed to increase adherence by patients. There are 8 different forms of assessment that are delivered.

The GS-Practical Assessment is displayed differently than other assessments.

Interpreting the display

  • The top graph compares the average scores since start date (shown with white circles), with the average scores from the past 7 days (shown with black circles).
  • The second graph displays the individual scores over time. You can add or remove each functional symptom as necessary, in order to compare correlation between different functional areas.
    • For example, in the image below, the ‘Mood’ and ‘Sleep’ categories have been selected, while the others have been disabled.

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