Interpreting the Results Display

Once assessments are completed over the course of treatment, results will be plotted onto their respective graphs. The horizontal axis records the date of assessment completion, and the vertical axis represents the score. The data markers are colour coded based on symptom severity (eg. green markers indicate minimal symptomology, and red markers indicate more severe symptomology).

Below is an annotated GAD-7 results graph. For a step by step guided walk-through of the Results display, click here.

1. Highlights the most recent assessment conducted by the patient, along with the score, and the corresponding rating

  • In this example, the most recent GAD-7 assessment was completed on May 14, 2023. The patient scored 3 out of 21 which indicates mild anxiety symptoms.

2. You can toggle the graph view by choosing the timeframe of choice (6 months, 1 year, or all)

  • In this example, the graph is displaying all the results collected from the initial assessment.

3.  Event note: Creating an event note helps to provide more context for a patient's Results display. This note will appear on each chart in the Results display and can be viewed by the patient in their own account, as well. This feature might be used to note medication changes, significant life events or other relevant items to contextualize a client’s results.

  • In this example, the assessment completed on May 18 has an event note describing the context of the patient's overall score of 3.

4. This table displays the items measured in each respective questionnaire. It also displays the responses to the most recently administered questionnaire to each item.

  • In this example, all 7 items of the GAD-7 are outlined. Also highlighted are the responses to the most recent assessment administered on May 14

5.  Scoring Trends: This table displays the trend of responses to each item of the assessment. There is the also the ability to toggle backwards and forward to assess how responses change to the same item, over time.

6.  Scoring Guide: The first table sets out the answer key for each question. The second table outlines the symptom severity of the total score

7.  View all data: This will download all data recorded for this assessment onto your device. 

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