Scheduling Assessments for Patients With No Accounts

For patients who do not have an account on Greenspace, you can easily keep track of assigned assessments directly on the patient's profile. Changing assessment frequency or scheduling an assessment will make it easier to know when a patient should next complete their assessments, whether on the Kiosk or during a therapy session. This article outlines how to set up and configure assessment schedules and frequency for patients with no accounts.

Selecting the assessment frequency

When assigning a new assessment to a patient with no account, you can select the frequency of an assessment. This will schedule the assessment according to the frequency set, ensuring you can see the Next Delivery of the assessment. This allows you to keep track of when a patient should next complete an assessment directly on the patient's Manage page. No assessments are delivered to the patient. The frequency options are: 

  • 1 Week
  • 2 Weeks
  • 4 Weeks
  • 6 Weeks
  • 8 Weeks 

Delivery schedule options

There are two types of delivery schedules available:

  1. Standard Delivery - Assessments are available on a predetermined weekly schedule, allowing you to easily keep track of when a patient with no account should complete any particular assessment. Click here for more detail.
  2. Custom Delivery - This delivery method allows you to specify the exact day and time that a patient should next complete an assessment. This will ensure assessments are available to complete during each patient's appointment times or when a patient accesses the Kiosk. Click here for more detail.

Kiosk delivery

The Kiosk is a great method for patients without an account to complete assessments remotely, whether using their own devices at home, on a waiting room tablet, or during a therapy session.

  • Set up a schedule for assessments to be presented on the Kiosk 
  • All Assigned - This presents all assigned assessments for the patient to complete.
  • Only Outstanding - This presents only assessments that are currently outstanding for the patient to complete.

More information on Kiosks can be found here.

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