Completing Assessments During a Remote Therapy Session

Completing assessments with patients during a remote therapy session is simple to do, and doesn't require inviting the patient to create an account. This article outlines how patients can quickly and simply complete assessments during a remote therapy session.

Video tutorial

The Workflow

Following this process makes completing assessments during a remote session simple:

  1. Set the patient's kiosk code (which can be done either by an admin or a therapist, after the setting is enabled).
  2. Send the Kiosk web address to the patient through your remote session's video chat.
  3. The patient enters their code in the Kiosk and completes their assessments on their computer, tablet or phone.
  4. Once completed, the results are available for the therapist to review with the patient.

Set the patient's custom Kiosk code

Step 1: Go to the patient's Manage tab, and under Assessment Delivery Preferences, toggle the kiosk from Automatic to Custom.

Step 2: Enter a code that will become the patient's permanent (unless you change it) Kiosk code.

Step 3: Select which assessments should be presented to the patient when they enter their Kiosk code (we generally recommend All Assigned).

  • All Assigned - This presents all assigned assessments for the patient to complete.
  • Only Outstanding - This presents only assessments that are currently outstanding for the patient to complete.

Send the Kiosk web address to the patient

Step 1: Copy the web address for the Kiosk (this is the same for all patients at your clinic).

Step 2: Send the web address to the client using your remote session's video chat function.

Patient completes their assessments using the Kiosk

Step 1: The patient clicks on the Kiosk web address and is prompted to enter their code.

  • We recommend encouraging the patient to save the Kiosk as a favourite so they can easily access it again.

Step 2: The patient is presented their assessments to complete.

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