How to Enable Custom Kiosk Codes

This article outlines how to enable custom Kiosk codes. This will you to set a custom code for each patient to use each time they access the Kiosk to complete an assessment.

Note that this is only required for individual therapists. Therapists that are part of a Clinic, will have custom Kiosk codes enabled by an admin.

Using custom Kiosk codes dramatically simplify:

  1. Assessment completion for when patients complete their assessments in the waiting room before the session.
  2. Completing assessments with patients during a remote therapy session.

Enabling custom Kiosk codes

To enable custom Kiosk codes for your account, navigate to Settings > Kiosk and toggle to Yes.

You should then set your Kiosk Instruction Message. This message is presented to patients when they enter their code in the Kiosk and provides guidance on what to enter. 

  • We recommend providing clear instructions as to what code they should enter. 
  • This instruction is also presented when setting the custom Kiosk code for each patient. 
  • Some commonly used examples are phone number, health card number and last name + first initial.

Patient impact

Once you have successfully enabled custom Kiosk codes, each patient's Manage tab will not present the option to set a custom Kiosk code.

Full details on how to set the custom Kiosk code for each patient can be found here.

Saving the Kiosk on a tablet

If you are using tablets to enable patients to complete assessments on the Kiosk (in the waiting room before their session or in session), we strongly recommend saving the Kiosk as a shortcut on the tablet. Full instructions on how to do this can be found here.

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