Summary of Assessment Completion Options

Assessments can be completed by patients in several different ways. This flexibility allows you to use Greenspace in the way that fits best for your practice and best aligns with the preferences of your patients. This article provides an overview of the different assessment completion options on the platform. 

This Device

This assessment completion option presents the selected assessment(s) on your device's screen for completion.

  • This option allows assessments to be completed in both in-person and remote sessions. 
  • Available for patients with or without an account.
  • Click here for complete details.  


The selected assessments are sent directly to the patient by email or text message.

  • The patient can complete the assessments on their own, outside of session time. 
  • Only available for patients who have been opted in to complete assessments remotely.
  • Click here for complete details.


The Kiosk is a web address where patients can enter a unique code to complete their assigned assessments. When the patient enters their unique code in the Kiosk (which can be accessed on a phone, tablet or computer), their outstanding assessments will appear and can be completed by the patient.

There are two ways to use the assessment kiosk:

1. Automatic Codes

The platform automatically generates a one-time use 4-digit code each time you want the patient to complete an assessment on the Kiosk. Click here for complete details. 

2. Custom Codes

You can set up a custom code for the patient that they will use every time they access the Kiosk to complete an assessment. A custom code does not expire. Click here for complete details. 

Automated delivery

If a patient has created an account, you can automatically deliver assessments to patients by email or text message (depending on what the patient chooses when they sign up). Click here for complete details. 

There are two types of delivery schedules:

  1. Standard Delivery - Assessments are delivered to patients on a predetermined weekly schedule designed to increase compliance and participation. Click here for more detail.
  2. Custom Delivery - This delivery method allows you to specify the exact day and time that a patient will regularly receive their assessments. This allows you to customize the time each patient receives their assessments based on each patient's appointment times or personal preferences. Click here for more detail.

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