Completing Assessments During An In-person Session

Whether or not your patient has created their account, you always have the option to complete assessments during an in-person session. This article explains how.

Step 1: Go to the patient's Manage tab.

  • Using the Assessments chart, see when the assigned assessments were last completed.

Step 2: Select Complete Now next to any assessment you would like the patient to complete.

Step 3: In the window that appears, select any of the patient's currently assigned assessments.

Step 4: Select the Completion Method. In most cases, therapists completing assessments during a session will select This Device.

  • This will present the selected assessment(s) on your device's screen for completion.
  • For more information on each of the completion methods, click here.

Step 5: Complete the assessments.

Step 6: Return to the patient's Manage tab and then view results.

  • The Assessments chart will now show the updated last completion date for any assessments that were completed.

Common Questions

Can I complete more than one assessment at a time?

Yes. You can select as many assigned assessments as you would like. This allows you and the patient to complete assessments in sequence, rather than completing one assessment, then manually triggering the next one to complete.

Why does an assessment say it's unavailable?

Assessments can only be completed once every 24 hours. This restriction is in place to ensure that the responses can be graphed on the Results display and that patients are not overwhelmed with assessments to complete.

Will completing an assessment during the session change the next delivery date?

No. Using Complete Now to complete an assessment, will not impact any automated delivery schedule you have configured for the patient. Think of it as completing an assessment in addition to any assessments that are automated to the patient. However, if you use Complete Now within 24 hours of the Next Delivery date, it will replace that upcoming delivery in the automated delivery schedule.

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