Receiving an Invitation to Join

Once you invite a patient to create their own account, they will immediately receive the invitation and guided through the process of creating their account.

Receiving an invitation to join

Patients will receive the invitation by text message or email to join Greenspace and create their own account. For patients invited via email, to start the process, they will select Get Started. For patient invited via text message, they will click the link in their invitation.

Note: If you are part of an organization that is using a custom branded platform, the invitation will contain your organization's branding (rather than references to Greenspace).

Creating their account

After accepting the invitation by pressing Get Started or the link in their text message, patients will be asked to enter some basic information in order to create their account. 

Patients will be prompted to review and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Accessing their account

After creating their account, patients can access and view their account, where they will:

  • Be presented instructions on what to expect and how to participate.
  • See all assessments assigned to them.
  • Be able to complete any currently outstanding assessments by pressing Complete Now next to the relevant assessment.
  • View the results of any previously completed assessments.

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