Receiving and Completing Assessments

Patients are notified to complete their assessments by email or text message, depending on the preferences they set when signing up. Assessments are sent automatically by the platform or can be sent at any time by a therapist or administrator on the patient's Manage tab.

Receiving assessments

There are three different ways that patients can receive and complete an assessment remotely.

  1. Email
  2. Text message
  3. Through their Greenspace account


Text message

Greenspace account

Patients can select  Complete Now to complete any outstanding assessment(s) listed in their Greenspace account. 

Completing assessments

Assessments can be completed on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. No app download is required and the assessment will automatically fit the device's screen size.

When patients submit an assessment, the results are automatically stored and graphed in both the patient and therapist's Greenspace accounts.

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