How Patients View Their Results

Patients can view their assessment results by signing into their Greenspace account.

Key things to know

  • Assessment results are available immediately after completing an assessment.
  • Patients see their assessment results in the same format as therapists and administrators.
  • Patients are also see any Event notes created by their therapist, identified as blue dots on the x-axis of every assessment result graph. 

What patients can't see

There are a few differences to what patients are able to see in their account compared to what therapists can see:

  • Therapists have the option to restrict patients from seeing the results of Therapeutic Alliance assessments.
  • Patients cannot see any Session notes, Contact notes, Documents, Treatment summaries or Supervision notes created by their therapist or an administrator.
  • Patients cannot see any notifications regarding indication of their suicidal thoughts. 

Example results display

Below is an example display of Generalized Anxiety (GAD-7) assessment results from a patient account.

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