Sharing Notes With Patients

Share notes and documents with your patients directly and securely through the platform. This article shows you how to share and revoke a shared note. Each note can be shared individually. 

Sharing an existing note

Step 1: In the patient's Notes tab, select the horizontal ellipses next to each note

Step 2: Select Share with Patient and confirm. 

You will see confirmation text directly on the note when it has been shared. This note can now be viewed by the patient on their Greenspace account.

Sharing a new note

You can also share a note through the editing view.

Step 1: Select Create Note in the patient's Notes tab

Step 2: Select the Patient checkbox in the top right-hand corner on the note to share the note with patients.

Step 3: Click Save to save the note and share it with the patient.

Revoking a shared note

If you have accidentally shared the wrong note or no longer want your patient to view a specific note, you can revoke the shared note once it has been shared.

Step 1: On the patient's Notes page, select the horizontal ellipses next to a note when it has been shared. 

Step 2: Select the Revoke Share option. This will remove the note or document from the patient's account and they will no longer be able to view the note.

Additional Details

  • Invited participants associated with a child patient's account (e.g. parents, teachers) can only see shared notes if their Visibility permissions have been set to Personal and Child or All. More information on Visibility settings can be found here.
  • When a note has been Locked and Signed, patients will be blocked from uploading documents in response to the note or document you have shared. More information on signing notes can be found here
  • When a shared note has been deleted, that note will also be removed from the patient's account and the patient will no longer be able to view the deleted note.

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