Frequently Asked Questions

When am I expected to send a confirmation email to the client?

Ideally as soon as possible to reassure the client that the appointment is taking place. However at minimum, you must contact the client 2 business days prior to the scheduled appointment.

If I accept a new client and offer one or two tentative appointments, how long am I expected to hold the appointment(s) for?

It depends on when the offered appointment time is – typically, it would be best to hold the appointment for 2 to 3 business days to provide the client time to respond. However, therapists can always let the case manager know how long they are willing to hold the appointment time(s) for, as long as it is within a reasonable limit. 

How soon does the appointment need to be scheduled for a potential client?

On average, Greenspace aims to have an appointment scheduled within 1-2 weeks of a client registering for the matching program. However, if this is not possible, let the case manager know of your soonest availability so they can determine if the client is willing to wait. 

Can I offer same day appointments?

Yes. However, note that same-day appointments are more challenging to confirm as the client requires time to confirm the appointment time. As Greenspace operates during the business hours of Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST, please be mindful that case managers are not able to coordinate appointments after hours.

Are therapists required to measure progress through treatment with matched clients? 

No, but we encourage you to use the Greenspace platform to measure progress with clients through treatment. Although it is not mandatory, it is the expectation of participating primary care providers, that therapists are regularly measuring progress with matched clients.

Am I expected to complete session notes on the platform for matched clients?

No. You are welcome to store your session notes in any secure manner you choose.

What if I am matched with a client that I don't feel is a good fit.

There is no obligation for therapists to accept new clients. If you feel it is not a good fit, please let the case manager know so that we can better understand the clients/issues that fit best with your practice.

What happens if a client does not attend the first appointment that was originally confirmed?

We suggest you follow your typical protocol similar to any other client in your practice in these situations. For example, some therapists have a 24 or 48 cancellation fee as per their policy. If this is the case, please ensure you notify clients of this beforehand so they know what to expect 

With respect to the matching program, let your case manager know that the client did not attend the first appointment, so that your invoice does not reflect any case management fees for that client.

Do clients have access to my Greenspace profile information?

No, the information collected as part of your therapist profile and matching interview is not available to clients.

What if my practice is full and I can't take on new clients at this time?

Let your case manager know and we will put a hold on your profile to ensure you are not matched with clients while your practice is full.

How do I inform Greenspace of changes to my practice?

Changes to your practice can be made directly in your Greenspace profile. Alternatively, you can reach out to a case manager and the case manager can update your profile with the relevant changes.

Can I use the Greenspace platform for non-matched clients (eg. clients from my own practice)


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