How Primary Care Providers Participate

Primary care providers participate in the program, for a number of reasons, including:

  • Streamlined process - Each patient completes an intake questionnaire, has access to a dedicated case manager, is provided with education and guidance through the process and has their first session booked for them.
  • Faster access to care - Most patients meet with their new therapist within 14 days.
  • Better outcomes - The matching program model was developed out of research and has generated a 90% rate of patient improvement through the first three months in treatment.
  • Staying updated - Visibility into the patient's intake report and ongoing progress.

How do primary care providers introduce Greenspace to patients?

There are three ways that primary care providers can introduce Greenspace as a way for patients to find a therapist.

  1. Matching Cards - Primary care providers provide their patients with a Greenspace matching card, which instructs the patient to go to to get started and begin their intake questionnaire.
  2. Fax - A service request is faxed to Greenspace and our case management team invites the patient to create an account and begin their intake questionnaire.
  3. Digital Invitation - From their secure online account, the primary care provider can automatically trigger an invitation to patients to begin their intake questionnaire.

What can primary care providers see?

If the primary care provider has a Greenspace account, they have some transparency into the progress of their patients, specifically:  

  • The patient's completed Intake Report. This is the same report that is available to therapists upon being matched with the patient

  • Whether the patient has been matched with a therapist. If the patient has been matched, they can see the therapist's name, but no additional information about the therapist.

  • Ongoing assessment results as presented on the patient's Results display.

  • The only notes visible to primary care providers are event notes which are overlayed on the assessment results. Primary care providers are not able to see any other progress notes that you create.

If the primary care provider doesn't have a Greenspace account, they may request a status report in respect of their patients. This report includes the status of whether each of their patients have been matched with a provider (and when), but does not include any clinical information.

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