Billing Process

This article summarizes the billing process for the matching program.

Case Management Fees

  • Greenspace charges a $100 one-time case management fee for each new client matched with you. This fee covers the range of case management services provided by Greenspace and use of the technology platform, including: completion of a digital intake questionnaire, a patient intake call, a detailed intake report, ongoing progress measurement and collaboration with primary care providers. 
  • If the patient does not attend a second appointment, the case management fee is discounted by 50%.


  • Digital Invoice - On the 15th day of each month, you will receive an electronic invoice by email that sets out your matches that were completed in the previous month.
  • Billing Period - The invoice will include any matches completed up to the 20th day of the previous month.
    • Example: You will receive an invoice on March 15th for all matches completed from January 21st to February 20th.
  • Payment - The invoice can be paid online by credit card, or by cheque (1 Adelaide St. East, Unit 530, Toronto, ON M5C 2V9)

  • Due Date - The invoice will state that the invoice must be paid by two weeks following the issue date.
  • Incorrect Invoices - If an invoice is incorrect, please notify Support. This includes situations where a patient has not attended a second session and their case management fee should be discounted.
  • Failure to Pay - If a therapist does not pay an issued invoice, they will be removed from the matching program and will no longer be eligible to be matched with new patients.

Does the case management fee represent a ‘referral fee’?

We understand there may be concern that this fee represents a referral fee that is not permitted by certain regulatory colleges. However, payment is in consideration for extensive case management and patient facing services provided by Greenspace, the nature of which is more appropriately characterized as a case management fee. This case management fee supports tangible activities that have a meaningful impact on treatment outcomes. If you would like more detail on why this program does not contravene college rules, please feel free to contact Support

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