Account types

While you may have already selected an account type when signing up, you may not yet be sure which is most appropriate for your practice.

  1. Basic Account - The Basic Account is an easy introduction to evidence based care. Basic accounts have access to a wide range of assessments and all the functionality you need to begin measuring progress with your patients. The Basic Account has access to 18 assessment types, an automated results display for each patient, progress notes and can be used with an unlimited number of patients.
  2. Premium Account - The Premium Account gives therapists more control over their measurement process and the ability to better customize the patient experience to fit their unique practice. Premium Accounts have access to a number of additional features, including: 
    1. More assessment types.
    2. An aggregated statistical display of outcomes across all patients.
    3. The ability to customize the frequency that assessments are delivered to patients.
    4. Access to children and adolescent patient accounts.
  3. Clinic Account - Mental health organizations (such as private clinics, community agencies, hospitals and employee assistance plans) can adopt Greenspace on behalf of their organization. If you are a therapist that is part of a mental health organization that has a Clinic Account, you will automatically have access to a Premium Account without having to pay any fees.

The key differences between Basic and Premium accounts

We are often asked what the meaningful differences are between Basic and Premium Accounts. Not just a list of features, but practically speaking, what will change within your practice? Based on feedback from active therapists, here are the top five meaningful differences between Basic and Premium Accounts

1. Custom Delivery Frequency - With a Basic account, each assessment has a default frequency (usually either every 2 weeks or 4 weeks) that cannot be modified. So if you assign the PHQ-9 to a patient, the assessment will be delivered every two weeks. With a Premium Account, the therapist can choose for each individual assessment how often they would like the patient to receive it (only during session, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks).

  1. Assessment Kiosk - With a Premium Account, patients can complete their assessments using the 'Assessment Kiosk', which can be accessed on any tablet, computer or smartphone. This makes it easy for patients to complete assessments in the waiting room or during a therapy session and does not require the patient to have a Greenspace account. If used during session, it also presents an alternative to completing the assessments on the therapist's computer or tablet.

  1. Custom Patient Profile Form - The Patient Profile Form collects information from patients when they create a Greenspace account. Therapists with a Premium Account are able to customize the content and questions on the Patient Profile Form that patients fill out. As a result, you are able to streamline and collect the patient information you require.

4. Children and Adolescents - Premium Accounts can work with children and adolescents on the platform, rather than just adults. Children and adolescents are unique for a few reasons:

  • Separate list of assessments for children and adolescents.
  • Additional assessments can be completed by the child, parent, teacher and therapist.
  • Ability to engage parents for the child to complete assessments outside of session time.

5. More Assessments - There are more assessments available to Premium Accounts. The additional assessments are:


Children and Adolescents

Clinic Therapists

Therapists that are part of a Clinic Account have access to all the features available to Premium Accounts, with some additions:

  1. Being able to share patient records among multiple providers within your organization.
  2. Admin staff being able to add patients on your behalf.
  3. Access to additional custom measures that have been implemented by your organization.


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