Completing Assessments by 'Kiosk'

Patients can complete their assessments using the assessment Kiosk, which can be accessed on any tablet, computer or smartphone. This makes it easy for patients to complete assessments in the waiting room or during a therapy session and does not require the patient to create an account. For remote sessions, many therapists have patients access the Kiosk on their device.

There are two ways to use the assessment Kiosk:

  1. Automatic Codes
  2. Custom codes

Custom codes Automatic codes
Overview You set a custom code for the patient that they will use each time they access the Kiosk to complete an assessment. The platform will automatically generate a 4-digit code each time you want the patient to complete an assessment on the Kiosk.
Who chooses the code? The therapist or admin (if applicable) creates the code. The platform automatically generates the code.
Do patients need assistance to access the Kiosk. No. Once a custom code is created for a patient, they do not require a therapist or admin to do anything in order to complete assessments on the Kiosk. Yes. A therapist or admin is required to generate a new Kiosk code each time the client uses the Kiosk to complete assessments.
Does the code change? No. The same code is used by the patient each time they access the Kiosk. Yes. The patient uses a new code each time they access the Kiosk.
Does the code expire? No. The code remains the same for the patient throughout treatment. Yes. The code will work for 48 hours and expires once it's been used.
Which assessments are completed? For each patient, you have the option to choose whether (i) only outstanding assessments; or (ii) all assigned assessments are completed. Only the specific assessment(s) you selected are presented on the Kiosk for completion.

Choosing custom or automatic codes

You can choose to use either a custom or automatic Kiosk code for each patient on their Manage tab. Therefore, some patients can have custom codes, while others can have automatic.

Automatic codes

Step 1: On the patient’s Manage tab, click on Complete Now next to one of the assigned assessments.

Step 2: Generate the Kiosk code

  • Select which assessment(s) you would like the patient to complete.
  • Under Completion Method, choose Kiosk and press Submit.

Step 3: Provide the patient with a 4-digit Kiosk code.

Step 4: Patient completes the assessment(s) using the Assessment Kiosk.

  • Bookmark your Kiosk address on the tablet or device(s) being used.
  • Direct the patient to the Assessment Kiosk and instruct them to enter the 4-digit code you generated in Step 3 above. The code will work for 48 hours and expires once it's been used.
  • All selected assessments will be available for the patient to complete and submit.

Custom codes

Step 1: Enable custom Kiosk codes for your account.

Step 2: On the patient’s Manage tab, enter a code that will become the patient's permanent (unless you change it) Kiosk code.

Step 3: Select which assessments should be presented to the patient when they enter their Kiosk code.

  • Only Outstanding - This presents any assessments that are currently outstanding for the patient to complete.
    • In the image below, only the BR-WAI would be presented.
  • All Assigned - This presents all assigned assessments for the patient to complete.
    • In the image below, the PHQ-9, GAD-7, QFV-30 and BR-WAI would be presented.

Step 4: Provide the custom code to the patient.

  • The patient can now access and complete assessments using the Kiosk at any time.
  • The web address for your Kiosk can be found right below your custom Kiosk code (and is the same for all of your patients):

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